Carlock Mennonite Church
217 E Washington
Carlock, IL 61725-0189

Phone: (309) 376-2781
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Founded: 1914

   Paul Walles, Pastor
   James Bortell, Pastor Emeritus

Handicap Accessible Facilities
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Carlock Mennonite Church
217 East Washington
Carlock, IL  61725-0189

Sunday School  9:00 a.m.
Worship Service 10:15 a.m.

Our History, Our Present, Our Future

"Mennonites share essential core beliefs with Christians of Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical persuasions. We emphasize the connections between faith, words, and actions. We believe baptism and church membership should be voluntary".*

Our Mennonite origins go back to 16th century Europe and the early years following the Protestant Reformation. A Dutch priest Menno Simons and others (the majority in Switzerland) believe that the Reformation needed to go further. In an age filled with religious violence, they provided an example of peacemaking that was costly for some.

There are a variety of different Mennonite churches today. Carlock Mennonite Church is affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA. We honor our world and local history and heritage. We believe the best way to do this is to look forward and step out in faith. We cherish our relationships with other Christian churches. We seek to be a church home and family open to those who have no church family.

For almost a century the congregation has provided worship services, Christian education, mission, and service to the local community and world community. The church celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2005.

At the beginning of the new century the church and its leadership wish to build upon this heritage of faith in God, faithful living, and good works. We consider our new mission statement "Serving Christ and Community" as defining our direction. The beautiful stained glass window in front of the sanctuary of Christ with his arms outspread in welcome represents what we believe we are about. We want to keep and make our church a community where people can be embraced by the love of God and leave better prepared to serve. We welcome all who come in faith, and those who come to seek.

* From: "Who are the Mennonites?" a document of the Mennonite Church USA.

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